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KI 2010 Karlsruhe

PuK 2010

25. Workshop "Planen, Scheduling und Konfigurieren, Entwerfen"

Karlsruhe, 21.-24. September 2010


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KI 2010 Workshop

25. Workshop Planen/ Scheduling und Konfigurieren / Entwerfen

September 2010

Extended Deadline: 11.7.2010


The PuK workshop is the regular meeting of the special interest group on planning, scheduling, design and configuration within the AI section of the GI. As in previous years the PuK workshop brings together researchers and practitioners of the areas of planning, scheduling, design and configuration. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, evaluations and experiences especially in the use of AI techniques within these application and research areas.

General Topics
The general topics of interest of the PuK community include but are not limited to:
-       Practical applications of configuration, planning or scheduling systems
-       Architectures for planning, scheduling or configuration systems
-       Knowledge representation and problem solving techniques, e.g.
domain-specific techniques; heuristic techniques; distributed problem solving; constraint-based techniques; iterative improvement; integrating reaction and user-interaction.

-       Learning
in the context of planning, scheduling and design.
Focus: Problem Solving Techniques
As we have done in earlier workshops, we intend to focus on a specific area of interest: This time it is the area of sophisticated problem solving techniques, e.g. swarm based search or other agent based approaches used in planning, scheduling, and configuration systems.
This focus shall also help to attract the workshop to practitioners in the field, who are invited to present practical problems and to discuss their experiences, concepts, and ideas. It is also intended to stimulate a mutual exchange with the researchers on our common field's future directions. Thus, a second main goal of this part of the workshop is the support of research planning.
Besides this, further submissions from the general topics mentioned above are welcome.

Submissions can be extended abstracts as well as full papers. Please use the Springer LNCS format.
11.07.2010        Papers/ Abstracts Due Date
17.07.2010        Notification of Acceptance
24.07.2010        Announcement of the detailed Program
08.08.2010        Submission of Camera-Ready Papers (PDF)
2x.09.2010        Workshop PuK 2010
                         We plan for a full day workshop
Program Committee
Stefan Edelkamp, University of Dortmund, D
Lothar Hotz, University of Hamburg, D
Ulrich John, SIR Plan GmbH, Berlin. D

Thorsten Krebs, Encoway, Bremen, D
Jürgen Sauer, University of Oldenburg, D
Bernd Schattenberg, University of Ulm, D
René Schumann, University of Frankfurt, D
Submissions can be extended abstracts as well as full papers up to 12 pages. Please use the Springer LNCS format.

e-mail for paper submission
bernd.schattenberg at uni-ulm.de


Workshop co-chairs

Apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Sauer

Universität Oldenburg

Fak II, Department Informatik

Uhlhornsweg 84

D-26129 Oldenburg

Tel.: (+49) 441-798-4488

Fax: (+49) 441-798-4472

e-mail: juergen.sauer at uni-oldenburg.de

PD Dr. Stefan Edelkamp

Technologie-Zentrum Informatik
Universität Bremen
Am Fallturm 1, Raum 2.62
D-28357  Bremen
Tel: +49-(0)421-218-4676
Fax: +49-(0)421-218-7196

e-mail: edelkamp at tzi.de

Dr. Bernd Schattenberg
Institut für Künstliche Intelligenz
Universität Ulm
D-89069 Ulm    
Tel.: (+49) 731 50 24259
e-mail: bernd.schattenberg at uni-ulm.de


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