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KI 2008 Kaiserslautern

PuK 2008

22. Workshop "Planen, Scheduling und Konfigurieren, Entwerfen"

Kaiserslautern, 23. September 2008

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 Accepted Papers

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WT: Reducing Temporal Complexity
    Peter Wullinger, Ute Schmid, and Ulrich Scholz
    Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg, 
    European Media Laboratory GmbH, Heidelberg
Modeling, Representing, and Configuring Restricted Part-Whole Relations— Revisited
    Lothar Hotz
    HITeC e.V., University of Hamburg
An approach to solve the Multi Depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (MDVRPTW) in static and dynamic scenarios
    Thomas Timmermann and René Schumann
    Johann Wolgang Goethe University, Information Systems and Simulation, Frankfurt am Main,
A Practical Application for Demand Driven Workforce Management in Retailing
    Maik Günther
    ATOSS Software AG, München
Competitive Adversarial Plannnig via One-Sided Symbolic Classification of Two-Player General Games
    Stefan Edelkamp and Peter Kissmann
    Universität Dortmund
External-Memory Model Checking on the GPU
    Stefan Edelkamp and Damian Sulewski
    Universität Dortmund
Fuzzy Scheduling and Rescheduling
    Jürgen Sauer
    Universität Oldenburg

Werkzeugunterstützung für konsistente Domänenmodelle
    Bernd Schattenberg
    Universität Ulm