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ECAI 2000 European Conference on Artificial Intelligence 

14th Workshop "New Results in Planning, Scheduling and Design"

Berlin, 21. - 22. August 2000


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The following papers have been accepted for presentation at the workshop and will be published in the workshop proceedings (papers are in PDF-format):

the complete proceedings: (PDF, 2,5 MB)

L. Castillo, J. Fdez-Olivares, A. Gonzales 

                  A hybrid hierarchical/ operator-based planning approach for the design of control programs

Carmel Domshlak, Ronen Brafman 

                  Structure and Complexity in Planning with Unary Operators

Stefan Edelkamp

                  Heuristic Search Planning with BDDs

Patrick Fabiani, Yannick Meiller 

                  Planning with tokens: an approach between satisfaction and optimisation

Antonio Garrido, M.A. Salido, F. Barber 

                  Scheduling in a Planning Environment

Antonio Garrido, M.A. Salido, F. Barber, M.A.Lopez 

                  Heuristic Methods for Solving Job-Shop Scheduling Problems

Emmanuel Guere, Rachid Alami 

                  An Accessibility graph learning approach for task planning in large domains

Jörg Hoffmann 

                  A Heuristic for Domain Independent Planning and its Use in an Enforced Hill-climbing Algorithm

Bernhard Jung, Mathias Nousch  

                  Design and Configuration of Furniture Using Internet-based Virtual Reality Techniques

Jana Köhler and Jörg Hoffmann  

                  On the Instantiation of ADL Operators Involving Arbitrary First-Order Formulas

Ingo Kreuz

                  Considering the Dynamic in Knowledge Based Configuration

Christian Kühn 

                  Modeling Structure and Behaviour for Knowledge Based Software Configuration

Harald Meyer auf'm Hofe 

                  Benefits and Problems of using cycle-cutset within  interative improvement algorithms

Jun Miura, Yoshiaki Shirai 

                  Knowledge-Based Control of Decision Theoretic Planning - Adaptive Planning Model Selection -

Eva Onaindia, Laura Sebastia, Eliseo Marzal 

                  4SP: A four stage incremental planning approach

Jürgen Sauer, Tammo Freese, Thorsten Teschke 

                  Towards agent-based multi-site scheduling

R.M. Simpson, T.L. McCluskey, D. Liu 

                  OCL-Graph: Exploiting Object Structure in a Plan Graph Algorithm

Shlomo Zilberstein, Abdel-Illah Mouaddib, Andrew Arnt 

                  Dynamic Scheduling of Progressive Processing Plans